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     As India is a democratic country, every religion has same rights and duties as that of Hindus. The people of India celebrate each and every festival of all religions.

     In Gondal majority of the people follow Hinduism and second majority is of Muslims. So, everyone celebrates most common festivals of Hindus and Muslims. As India is a democratic country, it can be also called ‘unity in diversity’ too.

     Among Hindu festivals, which are celebrated by people, are Holi, Janmasthami, Navaratri and Diwali. Hindus, Muslims and other religions celebrate these festivals jointly. Holi is the festival of colors. People forget about their religion and play with colors together. Holi strengthens the feelings of the brotherhood. This festival makes the whole environment colorful and joyful.


holi.jpg (6106 bytes)
Festival of holi


 Janmasthanmi is the day on which Lord Krishna was born. On birthday of Lord Krishna every people get together and have fun in ‘Mela’ (A gathering of people). This ‘Mela’ remains for a week and for the whole week people get together, meet each other and also makes new friends.


mela.jpg (47119 bytes)
Mela on Janmashtami


 Navaratri is the festival of ‘Garbas’. This festival is celebrated for 9 days. Tonight girls and boys together play ‘Garbas and Raas’ till late night. It is the festival of Goddess ‘Navdurga’.


navratri.jpg (6370 bytes)
Festival of Navratri


      The festival that, people like the most is Diwali. Boys like to fire crackers and girls to make Rangolis. The next day is New Year day and people greets one another Happy New Year.

     Among the Muslim festivals, Idd, Urus are the most common festivals celebrated by the people. On Idd people meet one another and wish best wishes. Moharam is not the rejoicing festival but is the month of Rojas. Most of the Muslims have Rojas and some Hindus also do it. They don’t have to eat or drink for the whole day.


photo1.jpg (5508 bytes)
Festival of Idd


photo2.jpg (5698 bytes)


     So, in Gondal people believe in brotherhood and unity. Thus, Gondal is a peace loving city.

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