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Agricultural Advancement

     One of the strange incident happened, two citizens had arrived at “Huzur Bunglow” to meet Thakore Sahib. The servant on duty was requested to go in his bedroom and awaken him. Servant were in dilemma, He knew that His Highness had a busy day and was tired and was not able to attend any visitor. He knew, would not have come at that unseemly hour and insisted upon disturbing their Ruler unless their business was urgent. When the Thakore Sahib came down and received his visitors with his courtesy. He came to know that few Oranges and Lemon were need for the man lying very ill in the city. Diligent search had been made in the bazaar, but none were to be had. One old citizen of Gondal suggested to them “Go to Bapu he is sure to have some in his Bunglow and if he has he will gladly give them to you”. The lateness of the hour raised qualms in their encouraged them by saying that His Highness might still be at work and even if he had retired he would not mind getting out of bed. The ruler put the visitor at ease and sent them back to town to with fruit they needed. Such an incident would not be likely to occur in Gondal, for during the intervening years. The farmers have been persuaded to devote portion of their holding to horticulture.

     Above two years later he had eight acres of land in Kailas Baug devoted for making agricultural and horticultural experiment. The drought in 1899-1900 nearly destroyed the garden. But as soon as the vary lake was completed a pipeline was laid to convey the water to the farm. A similar garden was established at Dhoraji and another at Upleta. Same of the experiment were proved to be successful. bagayat.jpg (28297 bytes) Successful tests have ever laid to the introduction of many fruit trees, including Lemon, Lime, Oranges, Bananas, Papayas, Coconut and date palms. The planting of Mango and Tamarind trees has been increased. Experiments have also lead to the introduction of number of vegetables such as American sweet potatoes, Maize, and Tomatoes. Fennel, Cummins, Ginger, Sunflower, and other plants yielding condiments have been tried with varying success. Experiments with cotton have laid to the introduction of improved strains. New verities of sugarcanes, with large sugar content have been introduced to encourage farmers, to extend sugarcane cultivation. The Groundnut has also proved on test, to be a valuable crop. Attention has also been paid to improving the cereals growth in the State. At first seeds of the finest varieties were purchased and given guaranties to saw them save all the first year’s crop to serve as seed for the following year. Fertilizers of the varies kinds were used with a view to determine the varieties that would best suit Gondal requirement. Trials were made with ensilage. The cattle took very kindly to the fodder thus preserved.

     For several years during the monsoon to graduates in the agriculture employee by the State delivered lectures twice a week to the Gondal Library. His Highness assured his “dear riots” that ever since he has assumed charged of the State it has been his constant care to ameliorate their condition, for he verily believed that in the cultivator’s prosperity lay the prosperity of the State. “In the Agricultural countries like ours” his aid, “the condition of the husband man is a fix index to the condition of whole Nation.” Though their labor the soil yielded cereals, which the Mahabharats calls the best wealth. He pledged his word that he would always endeavor to make them happy and prosperous. 

     Many stories are currently in Gondal to illustrate the prosperity of the cultivators. It is related, for instance, that once when the Ruler was driving in the outstrips of a village he came upon a group of youth out for a picture and asked them what they were doing. One of them merrily replied that in the olden days farmer boys went about with their pockets filled with berries, were as now they had their pockets full of money.

     In addition to helping to improve economic conditions cooperative efforts are furthering social reform. The marriage age is rising and grates care is being or groom, as the case may be Matches between young girls and old men and bargaining for married settlements are falling into disfavor.

Sir Bhagvatsinhji

The Maker of Modern Gondal



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