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At Seventy

     The years have raced on, their feet impelled by joy, or they have dragged their weary way through catastrophes sent down by Nature momentarily enraged at man’s perversity. The boy of four who was placed upon the throne from which his father had been suddenly snatched by Yama’s relentless hand fondly.

     In the domestic life he was very happy. His Rani reared in the traditions of Rajput pardah has for a generation and more led the life of an emancipated, cultivated lady and through constant though for other. She traveled widely and pandered deeply the problem of the age.

     His three daughter grow up without the pardah. They won  many price and medals. But they walk through life with humility that the ‘rishis’ of old extolled as the most resplendent ornament with which woman may deck herself.

     All four sons have reached man’s estate. Dada Sahib, the eldest among them always busy with administration and domestic life.

     The three younger sons have occupy position of responsibility in the state- one in the Medical, another in the public works department, and third in the Railway. Not one of them eat-or wishes to out the bread of idleness.

     He has created for himself the distinction of achieving that and by pursuing a for slighted policy of.

     The virtual quintupling of the State revenue has not tempted the ruler to live in grander to serve his people older he has simplified his life.

     He had improved the finances of the country, by building roads, bridges, railways, telephones. Improvement in education by building. He tried his level best to bring man and woman out of superstition. He invoked the campaigns to fight against epidemics and propaganda for social upliftment .

     Gondal can be grasped only when the statistic relating to the years in whish he came into power are compared with the latest available figures.

List In Rs Year1884 Year 1934
Civil List Rs. 1,44,0000 1,44,000
Income Rs. 13,90,585 78,53,816
Average Vighoti Re. 1-5-1 1-5-1
Produce per Vigha Rs. 11-0-0 20-0-0
Wells  Nos. 2,250 7,904
Bagayat Acres 5,590 40,825
Land uncultivated Acres 1,15,673 12,209
Jirayat Acres 2,26,550 3,11,639
Famine Relif Re. 86,000 57,50,000
Water Works Rs. 0 20,00,000
Factory Nos. 2 45
Telephone Miles 0 300
Taxes Nos. 50 Nil
Electricity Rs. 0 30,00,000
Export Rs 1,84,425 11,51,716
Imports Rs. 23,73,679 20,75,742
Railway Capital Rs. 27,00,000 1,04,20,602
Public Works  Rs. 1,36,203 27,22,252
Road Length  Miles 60 360
Water Way Length Feet 4,000 20,000
Bridge Length Feet 500 5,500
Medical Relief Nos. 36,000 44,959
Medical Expenditure Rs. 12,500 27,500
Population Nos 1,35,604 2,05,846
Detection of crimees percentage  60 75
Police Expenditure Rs. 86,815 2,00,365
Chowkiers Nos. 50 250
Suits Disposed  percentage 50 250
Value of Suits Rs,  1,43,928 5,40,195
Executior Application Precentage  20 90
Municipal Roads Miles 3 60
Municipal Area Sq. Yds.  10,09,600 1,86,73,936
Municipal Expenditure Rs 41,378 7,73,457
School No. 30 191
Educational Expenditure Rs. 10,000 1,92,788
Private Charity Rs 0 30,048
Personal Charity Rs. 0 14,08,407

     He never rested in his life. He made the progress where is saw the . He made the progress where is saw the room for the improvement. Fifty years of management of state affairs on his own initiative and with  undivided responsibility, have given him a rare insight into human nature. His obligations to bring up and to educate his family have all been discharged with conscientious care. Not having acquired any interest for his own gain nor even a “ hobby” to kill time. He can devote his time for advancement of his clearly be loved Gondal.

     He had the added advantage of having built up an efficient administrative machinery that functions smoothly and steadily at the least touch applied by him.

     Every morning he finds upon his desk a chart indicating by an initial. The where a bouts of each touring officer the preceding night. The mighty head of department has to telephone each evening when away from head quarters

     It may therefore be taken for granted that if Bhagvatsinhji is given life and strength the pace of progress accelerate in Gondal.

    At seventy, nothing seems to give him such keen delight as to engage in the effort to beat his own records.

Sir Bhagvatsinhji

The Maker of Modern Gondal



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