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Medical Relief

     One day many years ago a visitor, While being conducted through the hospital at Gondal, noticed that all the windows appeared to be open just so much and more. The mathematical precision was so apparent that he went up to one of them the better to examine it. As he tried to move a sash he found that it was stuck fast. He walked up to another and found it also firmly fixed.

     The Medical Officer who  was showing him around noticed his surprise and said: " The windows are all locked. They are kept locked At the time of the year it gets rather chilly in the rarely morning and night . Patients are therefore sure to be tempted to shut out the cold by closing the window. In so doing however they exclude the fresh air, so necessary for their recovery. This device, invented by His Highness, prevents them from tampering with the ventilation of the ward."  

     The Ruler of the state despite of all difficulties of all difficulties, got the highest degree in the in the field of Medical faculty of the Edinburgh University. For many years he personally supervised its work.

     Kumar Shree Bhupat Sinhjee was also interested in medicines. He was taken to Scotland at the age of Seven. He become the student of Horrow at the age of thirteen . On leaving Harrow he joined Trinity collage, Cambridge where he took the degree of M.B. Then he studied for the exams held by the Royal Collage of Physicians and the Royal Collage of Surgeons in London. And was awarded the L.R.C.P  and M.R.C.S diplomas in 1914. After qualifying for the Tropical School of Medicine he returned to Gondal in 1919 and on the retirement of Dr. Hari Bhacaji was appointed the chief Medical officer of the state.

     During Bhagvat Sinhjee’s regime there was only two medical institute a one at Gondal and Other at Dhoraji. He set up dispensary on wheels and sent it from village to village.

     In the meantime action were taken to protect the people against the small pox and later inoculation against bubonic plague; some year later Sir Thomas R. Fraser, when  touring India as chairmen of Indian Plague Commission praised the well-equipped operating theater and medical, surgical and lying in ward of the same hospital. In addition to provide medical relief to person in and near the capital, the Gondal Hospital was used for training DAIS (midwives). Victoria Scholarship to the Pupil nurses.

     The wealthy people in Dhoraji started two private hospital built and endowed by the Muslim merchants for the care of woman and children were opened in 1915 in commemoration of Bhagavt Sinhjee’s 51st birthday.

     The state has opened hospital at Upleta and Bhayadar and dispensaries at Gondal, Bhayavadar, Sarsai and Jetalsar. They are staffed with qualified doctors and trained nurses.

     The emphasis of western medical department has not completely destroyed. The peoples faith in the Ayur Veda. An Ayur Vedic Medical Hall and Dispensary exist at Gondal. The Raj-Vaidya Jivaram Kalidas forms après of his own, a monthly journal devoted to medicine and sanitation was published every month.

     Temporary camps were constructed outside the town for lodging people from the affected parts of the urban area. The improvement made in the supply of drinking water in Gondal and other towns had town has greatly decreased cholera mortality. When the village reconstruction scheme has been put to present the supply of drinking water in rural areas.

    Curious to relate, most persons bitten by rabic treatment. They prefer to go to a ‘Sthanak’ (sacred place) of Vachhra Dada living in Vachhra, a small village near Gondal who, by reciting incantations, it is stated, is able to save 90% of the cases that are brought to him.

     The education campaign has however turned the thoughts of the rising generation towards sanitation. They have learnt how to act, of themselves, if unfortunately attacked by any infectious disease, or at least retain from attending school or coming in contact with other boys and girls until they have fully recovered. In consequence of the active work for the protection of the health of the Gondal people, the protection of the health of the Gondal people , the death rates might be expected, has fallen considerably.

Sir Bhagvatsinhji

The Maker of Modern Gondal



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