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Progress of the Gondal State in different fields during 1884 - 1932 A.D.
Administration of Land
Famine Relief
Village Development
Protection & Reclamation
Trade & Industry
Public Work
Medical Relief
Protection & Judicial
Town Planning
Water Works
Education & Schools
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Protective works and Reclamation

       To protect the people from nature’s vagaries is an urgent duty of those in authority. Very little work, however, appears to have been done in Kathiawad in this connection. Villages are left alone to the ravages of flood. Over and above this danger to life and property, the frequent stoppages in work hamper moral and material progress.

     In the process of inter-linking villages with pucca roads, the flood prevention schemes are invariably taken in hand with result that villages are saved from floods and a great deal of land is reclaimed and made available for building sites.

     Such protective works have been constructed at many villages such as Mespar, Hadamtala, Khilori, Paneli, Khambhalia, Nagvadar, Varjang Jalia, Devchadi, Nagalkhada and Kalana.

     The practice of selecting a site for the State buildings and the works of like nature, is such that cut-up and denuded lands are made use of. This results in very useful reclamation schemes.


Bridge on Moval Sream

Reclaimed site, Sultanpur

Sir Bhagvatsinhji



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