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Progress of the Gondal State in various fields during 1884 - 1932 A.D.
Administration of Land
Famine Relief
Village Development
Protection & Reclamation
Trade & Industry
Public Work
Medical Relief
Protection & Judicial
Town Planning
Water Works
Education & Schools
Progress - Main Page

Town planning

        The State has seen the necessity of the new principles of town-planning. Designs for the improvement and extension of the towns of Gondal, Dhoraji, Upleta and Bhayavadar have been completed. Under the scheme, not only the realignment and proper grading of the various streets are taken into hand, but various structures for the purpose of affording recreation, amusement and amenities are also being constructed.

Dhedvado, Dhoraji Improvement

Bha Kumbhaji Para, Dhoraji

        A scheme for aiding good housing habits has been put up and for the purpose of financing this housing activity, a sum of five lacs of rupees has been ear-marked.

        Separate localities are set apart for segregating factories and obnoxious trades.

Upleta, Bird eye View

Dhoraji, Bird eye View

        Rules for garden villas have been formed and a good start has been made in this direction. The various conveniences given under the schemes have resulted in the sale of almost all the plots.

Upleta,Long Short

Bazar, Upleta

        Convenient localities have been specially set apart for cultivating classes who form the back bone of the State and are sold at a very cheap rate.

Bha Kumbhaji  Para
Dhoraji, Resi Area

Bha Kumbhaji Para, Dhoraji
Bazar Under Development

Moj Gate , Upleta

Market Chowk, Upleta

Sir Bhagvatsinhji



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