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Progress of the Gondal State in various fields during 1884 - 1932 A.D.
Administration of Land
Famine Relief
Village Development
Protection & Reclamation
Trade & Industry
Public Work
Medical Relief
Protection & Judicial
Town Planning
Water Works
Education & Schools
Progress - Main Page

Water Works

        Gondal Water Supply scheme was brought into being a generation ago. The Veri tank at Gondal supplies water to the town as well as irrigates the land around. A scheme to increase its capacity by providing automatic gates is brought to a successful completion. By this, the storage capacity is increased by about 70 percent. The noteworthy point about this scheme is that everything from a little bolt to heavy forgings and castings is made after a local design under local supervision, by the local labour. The actual cost came to Rs. 39,000 against 1,20,000, the lowest of the estimates quoted by various firms in India and England.

       A water supply scheme for Upleta has been launched. The scheme consists of an infilteration well in the river Mouj, and an overhead tank near Dargargadh and an extensive distributing system.

        A similar scheme for pumping Bhadar waters into the house taps at Dhoraji is under construction. The cost of the two water supply schemes will be about Rs. 12,00,000.

        Village water supply is not neglected. A scheme for improving every village well making it sanitarily safe, providing it with cattle trough and separate bathing places for men and women and arranging for its proper cleaning and drainage is under consideration.

Upleta Water Supply

Panchnath Pond ,Dhoraji

AutomaticVari Dam, Gondal 

Municipal corporation


Sir Bhagvatsinhji



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