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Raghuvir Vyas : Driven by a cause

        In the twilight of one’s life, most of us would want to sit back and relax. However,  56 year-old Raghuvir Vyas thought beyond his personal comfort. He wanted to do something for the nation.











     Raghuvir’s passion for travel took him to France, England, Scotland, and South Wales etc. and here he saw people setting off on motorbike tours collecting donations for some cause or the other. Tacking a leaf out of their book, Vyas decided to spread national awareness and planned a nation-wide tour in the golden jubilee year of our Independence.

     Raghuvir’s one-man crusade – the ‘Azadi Swarna Jayanti  Mahaytatra’ – on his motorbike, from Rajkot to Calcutta was aimed at uniting the west and east end of the country. His friends and other were skeptical about his tour and doubted what he would achieve through his tour.

    However, Vyas was not one to get deterred. He convinced his wife and children that he had taken up the cause to create awareness on child labour, dowry, illiteracy, child marriage and spread the message of ‘ unity in diversity’, in the country.

     They in turn supported his cause wholeheartedly and Vyas wrote to the Gujrat electricity Board, where he is working as a senior assistant, about his plans to take up the ‘yatra’.

    The Worker education center in the city attached to the Labour Ministry, were the Vyas volunteers as a worker teacher in the local worker education education center, also extended their full support to Vyas in his mission and the center’s setup helped him meet several worker’s union leader on his journey.

     Vyas purchased a Hero Honda and set forth for travelling to the villages and town of Maharastra, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa and West Bengal. Whenever he crossed a village or town, Vyas would stop his motorbike and put a banner depicting the ‘ Mahayatra’. Vyas was overwhelmed at the crowds which gathered to heat him at his road side meetings.

     In some places people also volunteered to accompany Vyas for some distance of his journey. When asked how he managed his meals etc. Vyas says,” I took my meal most of the time at roadside hotels. In several places, the hotel owner refused to take money from me after coming to know about my cause”

     From Calcutta, Vyas continued his tour by train to Northeastern state of Assam, Sikkim and Meghalaya. After visiting this state, Vyas came to Delhi and paid homage to the martyrs and warriors of the nation and finally reached Rajkot on October 2, Gandhi Jayanti.



Sir Bhagvatsinhji



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