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51st Milestone

     25th August, 1934 is considered as one of the most important day in the history of Gondal. This was the day when Bhagvatsinhji completed his 50 years of golden rule. The people of Gondal celebrated this day with great pleasure and happiness. They conducted grant ceremonies for celebrating this day.`

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     On this day Maharaja Bhagvatsinhji was weighted with gold. This occasion is termed as “Suvarna Tula Vidhi”. The amount of gold was then used up for the welfare of  the people of gondal.

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Suvarna Manjula
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Tula Vidhi

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Suvarna Tula

     In the history of India after Shivaji, Bhagvatsinhji was the second person to be weighted in gold. For this occasion one momento was made with various sorts of decorations. Our Gondal was decorated with flowers, lights, tree plantation etc. Sweets and good food was given to the kids and the poor people.

     On this day his Highness Maharaja Bhagvatsinhji declared that ‘In  my state no person will live under imprisonment, all are free to live’. As a result of this, 150 persons were relieved from the jail. Out of these 45 were those who were given lifetime imprisonment. Later the whole jail was washed with milk.

     Besides, in the premises of Gondal ‘Shikar’ was permanently banned. Also compulsory education for women, which was started before half a century, was stressed again. According to Bhagvatsinhji, the women of Gondal should not live under stress or illiteracy. They ought to get the best education. He even gave a slogan ‘Stri Jati nu hit a Samagra jati nu hit che !. ‘ That means women’s best aptitude is whole caste’s aptitude.

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     He always stressed on educating the mother. How right he was ! If the mother is educated she will surely educate her children. He also inserted English alphabets along with Gujarati in the course schedule. His best and the most important work is ‘Free and compulsory education for women”.

     Our gondal is considered to be lucky enough for having such an efficient rule. 50 years of continuous rule commenced with hard work, intelligence and feeling of uplifting gondal at any cost has engraved Bhagvatsinhji in the hearts of the people of gondal.

     For immortal remembrances of his day of Gondal had affixed various bronze Sheets, moments, photographs and other such things, at almost all the places such as school, public places, houses, etc. These things can even be found in one of the museums of Dhoraji and Upleta. All the farmers of this State has given ‘char anna’ i.e., 4 anna from their tax for such remembrances.

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     According to one remarkable incidence, it is said that on this occasion Maharaha Bhagvatsinhji relieved the farmers from one-year tax. The Suvarna Tula Viddhi was conducted at the workshop of Gondal. The whole premises were decorated grandly. Efficient sculptures from Dhoraji were invited for making the ‘Suvarna Trajva’. Maharaja Bhagvatsinhji weighted 134 ser and 27 tola. i.e., about 67 kg. He was weighted with 100% gold marked national banks gold biscuits. That gold counted about to Rs. 1,85,515 at that time.


     A particular revenue stamp was published on this occasion. Various newspapers such as ‘The Times’, ‘Times of India’, ‘Indian States Gazette’, ‘The Elestrade Weekly of India’, etc. made a noble reference on this occasion. Thus the Golden Jubilee function has made a history in History of Gondal.

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Sir Bhagvatsinhji

The Maker of Modern Gondal



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