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Progress of the Gondal State in various fields during 1884 - 1932 A.D.
Administration of Land
Famine Relief
Village Development
Protection & Reclamation
Trade & Industry
Public Work
Medical Relief
Protection & Judicial
Town Planning
Water Works
Education & Schools
Sir Bhagvatsinhji

Progress of the Gondal State

      Situated as Gondal is, there is no port through which money may create wealth with the growth of trees, or mines that can give ores, coal, chemicals and the like. Its little territory is mere agricultural land, a few jungle-growths and number of quarries.

     Gondal territory is a midland strip of level fertile plains with but few hills to break their monotony. Most of the land is thus available for cultivation and every effort is made to utilize every patch of available land for agricultural purpose. 

     The villages have increased their wealth. The extension of their house property has been noticed elsewhere. Their wealth of agricultural implements as well as their cattle wealth have been replenished greatly by profits of their produce. Much waste land, which was useless both as pasture or forest reserve, has been brought under cultivation by the villagers. 

     The process has been accelerated by the program of the Public Works Department of the State as the public works are not confined to the populace, and also partly those of the other jurisdictions, because of the interwoven nature of the Kathiawad States.

     A State may provide food and every other facility to its people but if there is no security of person and property how can there be any real progress worth the name? The continual vigilance and efficient detection of the Gondal Police combined with a prompt and equitable justice have spread awe into the hearts of possible criminals.

     It may indeed be said without fear of exaggeration that just as the military watch-tower (Kotha) distinguishes every village of his illustrious ancestors Bha Kumbhaji of the earlier warlike days so the handsome and airy school-house distinguishes every town and village of Shree Bhagvatsinhji in our days of comparative peace and progress.

     Thus Gondal does not base its hopes of glory on the grand and magnificent palaces and gorgeous robes and jewellery of its Royalty. Its ideal is a simply dressed ruler living in a simple mansion with a proverbially modest civil list, ruling over an independent and well-contented peasantry and people. It does not measure its worth by the splendor of its material belongings but by the worth of the individual man under its care.

     The Gondal State had three main cities , were the progress of the Gondal  State can be seen they are Gondal , Dhoraji and Upleta .The chart  here shows the progress  of the Gondal State, starting from year 1870 to 1932 (form the childhood to the 62 year of Maharaja's rule)

Chart of Annual Income of State

Sir Bhagvatsinhji



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