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Progress of the Gondal State in different fields during 1884 - 1932 A.D.
Administration of Land
Famine Relief
Village Development
Protection & Reclamation
Trade & Industry
Public Work
Medical Relief
Protection & Judicial
Town Planning
Water Works
Education & Schools
Progress - Main Page


Trade and Industry

       The chief glory of the present Ruler is the taxlessness of the people, and the bold step of complete abolition of customers, octroi and all export and import duties.

     This means a perpetual present to his of an annuity of two lakes. This would have been considered a sufficient help by any government or administration.

      The trader and industries of  Gondal get further help from the States in the form of purchase of the articles, subsidies of various nature, concession at the time of starting as well as during progress and extension and lastly where necessary by protection of a caution type. The factories and concerns have increased from 2 during minorities to 44 in 1932.

Graph of Quarries Income

     The natural resource-quarries-has good developed recently, and the royalty, which amounted to Rs. 1,316 in 1884, has risen to Rs. 40,398 in 1932, Kilning of lime, a subsidiary industry, has also developed a great deal and bids fair develop much more under a scheme of quarry roads and sidings.

     Over and above the ordinary ground-nut and cotton industries which are well on their way of development, the hand weaving industry is progressing by good strides. The note-worthy feature is the carpet factory.  Here best Kashmiri carpet is designed, its yarn colored and the whole manufactured according to the requirements of the purchaser. This is unique on the side of India.

     The pace of industrial progress has been accelerated bt the communicational facilities. The services to which telephone  has been put by the mechants is particularly note-worthy and telephone connections both private and public are found to increase every year. To date there are about 300 miles of telephone lines and about 105 connections, linking most of the villages with the market places, against zero in 1884.

Graph of Taxes

Import Export 

Quarries at Paneli

Quarries at Jal

Sir Bhagvatsinhji



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